Wholesale 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles for $150.00 at Batteryroot


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4G GPS tracker,Please contact us for custom wholesale

Customized intelligent information terminal, intelligent vehicle-connected integrated system based on 4G Beidou/GPS location service, new energy vehicle T-BOX, 4G intelligent entertainment vehicle terminal, UBI driving behavior analysis, auto financial risk control and other fields have built solution advantages, providing Enterprise customers and consumers provide competitive application platform solutions, smart vehicle terminal products and offline services, and strive to create a preferential and fashionable high-quality smart car life.


4G GPS Tracker is an inevitable trend. As a low-end version of 4G, Cat.1 allows the industry to design low-end 4G terminals at low cost. Compared with NB-IoT and 2G modules, Cat.1 has advantages in network coverage, speed and latency. Compared with the traditional Cat.4 module, it has the advantages of low cost and low power consumption. At the same time, Cat.1 is suitable for current home 4G networks and is ideal for application scenarios that require cost performance, latency, coverage and communication speed.

4G GPS locator(4G GPS Tracker) is an inevitable trend of development. At this stage, it is a transitional period of upgrading, and 4G products have gradually increased and become mature and stable. The advantage of 4G products is that the speed is faster, and in China, it is a full Netcom, and any operator's 4G card can be used. However, the power consumption of 4G modules is relatively larger than that of 2G modules, and the finished products are also relatively high.

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Brand Enerart
Voltage 12.8V
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You're reviewing:Wholesale 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles for $150.00 at Batteryroot
Wholesale 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles for $150.00 at Batteryroot