Wholesale CTHMR-400 77GHz millimeter wave radar for $268.00 at Batteryroot


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bsCTHMR-400 77GHz millimeter wave radar

Robot avoiding obstacles
Regional security monitoring
Gas station/charging pile/lighting and other IoT sensing trigger applications
Intelligent driving such as special vehicles/two-wheelers

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Adopt full SoC solution, high integration, reliability and stability
High bandwidth of 77G frequency band, greatly improved resolution
Detection distance 0.1~70 meters (vehicle)
Horizontal FoV 150°, vertical FoV10°
Ultra-small size, suitable for being integrated into various application scenarios

Basic performance
Detection target type: stationary and moving targets (vehicles/pedestrians/obstacles, etc.)
Number of transceiver links 4T4R
Working mode FMCW (CS+MIMO+DBF)
Operating frequency range 76GHz ~ 81GHz
EIRP ≤28dBm
Detection distance range 0.1m ~ 70m
Horizontal viewing angle detection range ±75°
Vertical viewing angle detection range ±5°
Distance measurement accuracy ±0.15m
Distance resolution 0.25m
Relative speed detection range -400km/h ~ +200km/h
Relative speed measurement accuracy ±0.15km/h
Relative speed resolution 0.5km/h
Angle measurement accuracy ±0.25°
Angle resolution 3°
Maximum target tracking number 128
Data output refresh rate 50ms
Conditions of Use
Working voltage 8V ~ 32VDC Type 12V/24VDC
Working temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Whole machine power consumption 2W
Protection grade IP 6k 9k (dust, high pressure clean)
IP 6k7 (10cm underwater), ice water impact test
Mechanical specifications
Size (H*W*D) 49mm*49mm*10mm
Weight 35g
Color (front shell/rear shell) black
Installation and maintenance

More Information
Brand Enerart
Voltage 12.8V
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You're reviewing:Wholesale CTHMR-400 77GHz millimeter wave radar for $268.00 at Batteryroot
Wholesale CTHMR-400 77GHz millimeter wave radar for $268.00 at Batteryroot