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3.2V square large monomer lifepo4 battery cell Free nuts

3.2V square large monomer lifepo4 battery cell Free nuts

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Square lifepo4 gauge level electric cell

  • It is applicable to electric buses, minibuses, communication energy storage, RV energy storage, electric scooters, beach vehicles, environmental vehicles, sewage vehicles, green cutting power battery pack equipment, etc.
  • Highly automated production equipment to ensure consistent and stable battery performance.
  • The square aluminum shell structure is adopted, and the combined cover plate with explosion-proof valve is provided, which has no liquid leakage and high safety performance.
  • Customizable processing, capacity division, assembly, skin change, nickel transfer, drilling, welding studs.
  • Various capacities and specifications of the monomer are complete, ranging from 3.2v 20ah to 300ah. It is easy to pack, meeting various application scenarios;
  • Max constant discharge current:  3CA(about 300A) 
    Charging voltage: 3.6 V. 
    Discharge cut off voltage: 2V
    Cycle lifespan: 4000 tims
    Charging temperature:  -25-65 ℃
    Discharge temperature: -25-65 ℃ 
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